The Real Costs

Phillip Crosby said that "Quality is Free," and it should be!  We could also add that safety should be free but we all know neither of them are free!  It takes precision machinery, guarding, and training among other things to get safety and quality.    


The Association for Talent Development reported that every year businesses in the USA spend over $1400 per employee on training.  While this may seem high it is probably low!  When I call for a training meeting it takes 15 minutes for the employee to get there, another 15 to get back to work and an hour for training.  That is 1 ½ hours per person which at $20 an hour, is around $45 (with taxes and employment costs.)  If it is a paid instructor that could be another $100 easily.  Of course he isn’t producing anything in that time so we have to add in lost revenue.  For one company all of that was dwarfed by the transportation costs It all adds up yet we do it twelve or more times a year and it is all lost if someone doesn’t speak English!

The answer for the big guys has been to get a Learning Management System (LMS.)  This is a great tool but it should be available for everybody.  A couple of these have come around and are very good.  However they do not solve the cost or security issue!  That is where TrainingElevator differs!  Our costs are lower, our security better, and our training is bilingual!

Imagine what you can save!

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